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The Auckland Masters Bays Swim, sponsored by Eagle Technology for 24 years, was held on Saturday 20th February. The day was spectacular and a large crowd of supporters gathered to encourage the swimmers as they reached the finish line.

Eagle Technology congratulates Tim Bowen who reclaimed the title of the winner of the Eagle Technology Bays Cup, Men's non- wetsuit division, having won the cup way back in 1987. Congratulations also to Natalie Woodgate who won the Women's non-wetsuit division and therefore the Eagle Technology Bays Cup; Natalie is just 14 years old.

The winners of the Men's wetsuit division were Brent Foster and Rebecca Kemp.

 Winners of the Eagle Technology Bays Swim (non-wetsuit) with Gary Langford, CEO, Eagle Technology.  
 Winners of the non-wetsuit division, Eagle Technology Bays Swim.  
 A perfect day on the Waitemata Harbour  
 Kevin Allen is a Business Objects Technical Consultant with Eagle Technology. He finished 14th overall.  

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