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About Education

About Education

Eagle Education

Training is a key component of Eagle Technology’s solutions delivery and support services. Eagle’s training program consists of standardised, instructor-led courses for its GIS (Esri) software.

Learning Consultancy

Eagle Education can help you develop a learning strategy that is aligned with the needs of your organisation. Eagle has developed a range of ‘learning pathways’ that leverage the learning delivery channels in your organisation to improve the performance of every learner.

One-on-One Training

If you require one on one training Eagle Education can supply you an instructor that can step you through your specific requirements. A minimum of 3 hours are normally required*

Web-based Training

Eagle’s eLearning capabilities complement and enhance other types of IT education, such as traditional classrooms, making each component more valuable and cost effective. By offering content optimised for Web delivery, we help deliver concrete positive returns on your education investment. Our web training easily fits into your organisation, enabling your staff to learn at their own pace from any location. Using our convenient eLearning modules, your staff can focus on the specific skills they need to learn.

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