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ArcFM Solution

Supporting asset management across the enterprise.

ArcFM™, based on the industry-leading Esri ArcGIS platform, consists of a family of configurable models and a set of sophisticated tools designed to provide a highly efficient asset management solution for energy and water/wastewater utilities.

ArcFM takes advantage of industry-standard architecture and programming to offer:

  • Easy customization as needed
  • Selectable functionality extensions
  • Scalability, from project GIS to enterprise spatial initiatives
  • Maintenance and viewing of data using business rules

A true enterprise solution

While ArcFM provides a powerful query/display/edit environment, its integration capabilities and easy-to-use interface support viewing, editing, mapping and managing spatial data across the multi-process utility business environment. It's the unified enterprise asset management solution for creating, managing and disseminating geographic information — at the project level and in the boardroom.

ArcFM Designer

Better network designs, greater workflow efficiency.

Schneider Electric Designer is a robust design, workflow and asset management tool, created specifically to meet the needs of medium to large electric distribution utilities. Designer streamlines the entire design, estimating, construction and as-built workflow process. In doing so, it supports all of your viewing and analysis needs and completely eliminates the need to manage multiple data models. Because it’s a fully integrated extension of the popular ArcFMTM platform and operates on the same GIS data model, Designer reduces your cost of ownership and allows you to integrate design and planning work with other important GIS-driven applications like OMS and DMS.

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