Field Force Management (FFM)

Managing dispersed work forces and assets in challenging environments

Advanced management for commercial industrial operations

Field Force Management (FFM) is a unique solution for the operational management of teams and equipment working in dispersed and 'communication challenged' environments.

Field workers and equipment are tracked, monitored, informed and managed despite operating in ‘tricky’ circumstances’.

This is enabled through the use of ex-military command and control software and related tools operating on advanced, adaptable communications platforms.

FFM is supported by Eagle’s team of Application and Communications specialists working with clients to configure the solution and to provide on-going support for its trouble free operation.

How does it work?

The modular, component based approach that FFM takes ensures that it can address the goals and challenges of each scenario specifically.

The Command and Control software is highly configurable enabling it to match business and operational requirements.

FFM’s communication platforms are assembled from a wide range of proven componentry including data over radio and related technologies.

FFM is an Open Framework based IT Capability that is:

  • Operations focused
  • On a Network Enabled Field Environment
  • Supported by Managed Services

FFM has application for:

  • Seismic surveying
  • Quarrying operations
  • Forestry
  • Field Engineering Services
  • Agriculture
  • Flight Operations and more

Why Now?

From the supply side:

The military grade application software is now available for the commercial sector.

The advance and plethora of communication alternatives provides capabilities not previously possible.

From the demand side:

Key drivers across a wide range of commercial field activities such as:

  • Health and Safety
  • On-line production monitoring
  • High quality voice and data communications
  • Remote support for equipment (diagnostics, configuration and operational support)
  • Field data capture
  • Surveillance and security


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