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History of Eagle Technology

When Trevor and Corallie Eagle founded what was to become Eagle Technology in 1969, their vision was for a family company that would bring excellence in IT products and services to the New Zealand market. Today, Corallie Eagle remains committed to that vision and heads up an organisation that has grown to include 90 staff whilst retaining its family ownership and core values. All of Trevor and Corallie’s seven children worked within the company at some time; Duane Eagle now works alongside his mother, identifying new opportunities and ensuring the company continues the legacy started by Trevor and Corallie more than 40 years ago.

Trevor Eagle passed away in December 2000; at the time of his death Trevor had become a leader in the information technology industry and was well known for his support to science, education, community and environmental organisations. He held executive positions including Auckland Area Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and trustee of the World Wildlife Fund. In 2007 Trevor was posthumously awarded the Flying Kiwi award at the prestigious PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi-Tech Awards, joining Sir Angus Tate, Neville Jordan, Sir Woolf Fisher, Maurice Paykel, Peter Maire and Bill Gallagher in the Flying Kiwi Hall of Fame for ‘making a sustained and outstanding contribution to New Zealand’s Hi-Tech industries’. The Flying Kiwi award now sits in Trevor’s Office, located in Eagle’s Auckland offices, and although that office is now used as an executive meeting room, it retains its name in affectionate reference to Trevor’s enduring legacy.

Enduring also are the friendships and relationships that Corallie and her family have made over many years with their employees, the extended ‘family’; Eagle is a company where loyalty is rewarded, evident by the number of staff who have been with the company in excess of 10, and even 20, years.  

Eagle Technology is also a company that looks to the future. Due in large part to Trevor’s foresight, Eagle Technology is today a world-leading systems integration and information management company that has continued to evolve with the changing of technology; so much so that in 2007 the Wellington based offices became too small. Led by Corallie, who from the beginning has made most of the decisions relating to the company’s image and profile in the marketplace, new offices were acquired and refurbished to accommodate the expansion. The result is the impressive offices in the Eagle Technology building at 135 Victoria Street, Wellington.

Gary Langford and Duane EagleIn 2014, Corallie and Duane Eagle, along with Gary Langford (CEO), continue to see new opportunities as technologies such as Geographic Information Systems and business intelligence  integrate to provide organisations with a holistic view of their business and with the growth of web-based technologies.

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