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Interested in cloud solutions for your organisation?

Whether your organisation has begun a migration to cloud computing, or is still considering its benefits,

Eagle Technology’s team of AWS Certified experts will help you identify the best solutions for your needs and ensure the systems you choose are user-friendly, effective and cost efficient.

Our Cloud Enablement services are designed to ensure your organisation can migrate to cloud-based technology with complete confidence that the solutions you choose offer the greatest value and benefit.

We understand the importance of defining desired outcomes before moving any workload to the cloud.

From appropriate strategy and clear understanding of costs, to optimised design and ongoing operational support, our AWS Certified team can work with you to ensure successful adoption of cloud technology.

We also recognise that, no matter whether your IT systems are cloud-based or not, if they aren’t functioning then the business can’t function either. That’s why our Cloud Enablement team also offers ongoing Managed Services, to ensure your team has access to experienced technicians.

Why we choose AWS

AWS has been one of the stand out performers in the cloud sector, with five times the infrastructure of the other top 14 competitors combined.

AWS allows our clients to leverage huge economies of scale to reduce the cost of using the selected resources.

Generally, this cost is far below what it would be for on-premise equivalents.



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