COVID-19 Business Continuity Solution

COVID-19 Business Continuity Solution

With NZ’s imminent move to Alert Level 3, many organisations are now preparing to safely restart operations- working in a way that will neither spread the virus nor expose their staff and others to unnecessary risks. Alongside the government’s key advice for organisations making this move (such as remote work where possible, social distancing and hygiene), the government has stated that at Alert Levels 2, 3 and 4, businesses should take measures to allow potential contact tracing including keeping track of all people (staff, visitors and customers) at workplaces.

To help implement such measures, Esri recently released a solution template which Eagle Technology has supplemented with some NZ specific apps and capabilities.

Watch a Short Video Demonstrating the Solution

This combined capability uses either Esri’s ArcGIS Online (recently listed on the NZ Government list of Cloud tools) or ArcGIS Enterprise to provide a series of configurable web forms, apps, and dashboards which can quickly be set up to enable organisations to answer some key questions related to COVID-19 and their operations:

  • Understanding COVID-19 workforce status
    • Staff check-ins or team check-ins give organisations greater clarity about who is working, and where they are working as well as who may be unwell.
  • Understanding and Managing COVID-19 facility status
    • Managers can assess which facilities are impacted/closed or affected by access restrictions and which staff and visitors have accessed these facilities.
  • Sharing Facility status with stakeholders and customers
    • Organisations are able to communicate facility status to internal or external stakeholders such as customers
  • Recording staff and Visitor Movements at facilities and other locations
    • Capturing information that can be used for potential contact tracing if needed.

Beyond this core solution, Eagle is working with a number of organisations with highly mobile workforces to make use of the core Esri apps (such as Tracker for ArcGIS)  to allow fine-grained personnel location recording and monitoring. In addition, special Disaster Response Programme licensing can be requested for customers who do not have in place the correct software licensing needed to deploy these capabilities.

Like the entire COVID-19 pandemic, the situation for business can change rapidly any solution must adapt to changing needs. To this end, Eagle and Esri are continuing to develop and evolve this and related solutions to best support organisations continue their operations safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we will be sharing updates as these are developed. We also welcome suggestions for how we can best help your organisation or sector.

To learn more about these solutions please either contact your Eagle Account manager or email the Eagle Emergency Support team.

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