Our solutions address common business challenges,leveraging and combining our in depth expertise in GIS, infrastructure and IT Managed Service capabilities. ArcGIS Server for AWS/Azure FFMC - Field Force Management And Communications Enterprise Data Services

ArcGIS for AWS/Azure

As part of our cloud enablement product range, we offer Esri ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

ArcGIS for Server on AWS/Azure enables you to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies of cloud environments, while remaining confident that you are using a robust and secure platform. It also gives you more options relating to IT infrastructure – for example performance, database licencing, world class security, load balancing and hybrid cloud configurations.

A cloud-based GIS solution, tailored for your organisation

Eagle Technology’s cloud enablement team is expert in identifying, deploying and managing the right cloud-based technologies to meet specific client needs. Our Esri ArcGIS for Server on AWS/Azure solution is ideal for organisations that:

  • want to leverage the benefits of a cloud platform for their GIS instance, or need a hybrid or customised ArcGIS for Server deployment.
  • have an existing cloud provider and are looking for performance and/or service level improvements.
  • already have ArcGIS for Server installed on premise, or in a private cloud, and:
  • need to establish and maintain an offsite disaster recovery capability.
  • do not have a scalable hosting environment.
  • require rapid deployment and variable term resources to support specific projects, test environments or a Proof of Concept.
  • lack available resources to configure and implement GIS Cloud solutions.
  • are looking to save costs by outsourcing GIS platform management.
  • are seeking a solution that drives significant benefits around scalability, reliability, cost effectiveness, security and stability.

FFM platform

The Field Force Management (FFM) platform is specifically designed to support the control and coordination of field activities where the workforce is dispersed and 'nomadic' and operating in locations with ineffective and unreliable communications infrastructure and services.

Originally developed for the Defence Industry the platform is now increasingly deployed in the commercial market where our clients have similar challenges. Sectors and domains such as Forestry, Search and Rescue, Emergency Management, Health and Safety and Construction. 

Enterprise Data Services

Looking for a cloud-based data storage, protection and sharing solution?

We offer a unique approach to enabling fully-private enterprise storage services that transform how organisations store, protect and share data via the cloud.

Fully-private enterprise storage service to store, protect and share data via the cloud.

Our EDS offering is an integrated implementation and support service comprised of CTERA Portal, Storage Gateway, Enterprise File Sync/Backup agents, Cloud Storage Gateway Amazon Web Services and customised Managed Services.

EDS is a single platform that delivers a full spectrum of services including on-premise data storage, de-duplicated cloud replication, onsite and in cloud backup, remote file synchronisation, file collaboration and much more in a totally secure and robust manner to provide a secure enterprise data cloud storage and sharing capability.

The solution set is ideal for any organisation that struggles to:

  • securely and cost effectively consume cloud storage for corporate data
  • support branch offices in terms of data storage, backup, offsite replication and security
  • securely, manage and protect remote user data on mobile devices, particularly laptops
  • provide secure, intuitive and user driven sharing and collaboration functions for corporate data
  • prevent corporate data from being spread over insecure public file sharing services
  • provide a practical method for ensuring the backup of laptops outside the corporate network


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