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Eagle Technology GIS Professional Support is here to help you when you encounter problems that you cannot solve simply.

Getting help

Eagle Technology GIS Professional Support 

Phone: 0800-7-EAGLE (0800-732-453) 
Fax: 64-9-6390600 
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday–Friday

Open a Support Request Online 

Use this form to open a online support request which will get sent to an Eagle Technology GIS Professional Support representative.

Email us at 
Use this address to email us your problem! Remember to include all the relevant details about the problem you are experiencing along with contact information which will get sent to an Eagle Technology GIS Professional Support representative.

Emergency Management Support

To better streamline this supporting work, we have introduced a dedicated email contact which is monitored by our specialists within business hours and is designed to assist you in getting specialist GIS support required in an emergency.


Premium Support

Eagle customers developing, implementing, or supporting GIS applications across their organisation will benefit from the flexible approach to accessing services, training, and support offered by the Eagle Enterprise Advantage Programme.


Esri provides a range of information to assist you in identifying and understanding your use of ArcGIS.


Obtain a new or updated license file for Esri, Schneider or Harris software products,


We are committed to resolving issues as quickly as possible. Your level of support will depend on the product or service contract you are entitled to. Please read our Policy Document.

Committed to providing excellent customer support

Eagle Technology is committed to providing excellent customer support which exceeds the needs of our user community.

Our Passion and Expertise

Through sharing our GIS passion and expertise, our goal is to promote GIS for everyone and help our customers achieve success with Esri and Eagle Technology.

Eagle Technology GIS Professonal Support offers a range of technical maintenance programs with options designed to meet the needs of users at all levels. Services include:

  • Telephone and email technical support
  • 24/7 online support
  • Software upgrades, service packs and patches
  • Publications and newsletters
  • EagleTechnology and Esri New Zealand User Group events

A Technical and Experienced Team

Timely and expert assistance for clients current under maintenance. The scope of our technical support services includes advice and assistance in solving problems arising from the use of the software. Where necessary, we can help you inspect and check the software in order to keep it in good operating condition.

Eagle Technology GIS Professional Support is staffed by a highly trained and experienced team with in-depth knowledge of Esri technology and applications in a wide range of environments and industries.

The team follows strict quality standards, regularly tested through customer surveys, with this feedback used to continually enhance our services.

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