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Ensure that your strategic objectives are achieved through Eagle Technology’s knowledge, experience, and tactics.

Geospatial technology is not about simply 'making maps’; it is a critical component of many business activities.

80% of data is Spatial.

Ensure optimisation of this critical asset.

A strategic plan is imperative for maximizing results from your organisation’s geospatial technology, and aligning these with corporate strategic initiatives.

Eagle Technoloy’s Business Consulting Team follows a proven methodology to assist our clients to create geospatial strategies and business cases that provide a concrete foundation on which to build future capabilities.

Why you need a geospatial strategy

A geospatial strategy provides a roadmap to:

  • Demonstrate benefits to executive decision makers
  • Communicate capabilities to stakeholders
  • Understand future technology trends, the implications & the opportunities
  • Address gaps in capabilities from current state to the target state
  • Resolve current strategic-level issues
  • Establish a shared data foundation
  • Address gaps in current IT strategies; these often do not cover geospatial technology in sufficient detail
  • Optimise your organisation’s investment in geospatial technology


Geospatial Foundation Strategy

A Foundation Strategy is a high-level plan that covers the most important aspects of the essential practices for geospatial excellence: strategic alignment, challenges & aspirations, moving from the current situation to target future state, and technical recommendations & assurance.

We work with the key people in your organisation to understand how your current geospatial capability serves your wider objectives, how it could serve those objectives better, and to use our experience and resources to indicate the steps that should be taken to get there.

This document is a highly consolidated and focussed summary that can be as short as a single page or up to 5 pages in length.

Geospatial Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan covers our Essential Practices - strategic alignment, challenges & aspirations, moving from the current situation to target future state, and technical recommendations & assurance - in full, as well as additional, optional levels of detail.

Depending on your organisation's situation and aspirations, we can tailor our strategic analysis to identify which aspects of your current geospatial capability are strong, and which aspects could be improved and how. We will work with a wide variety of your personnel and teams to ensure the future success and optimisation of your organisation’s investment in GIS.

75+ Key Benefits

To aid our clients as we work with them on strategic initiatives, we have created a unique framework for geospatial technology's key business benefits. Key points to note:

This framework focuses on the 'unique' benefits of geospatial technology. While some of the individual benefits can be shared with other technologies (for example 3D functionality is also a feature of CAD systems and gaming software) when several individual benefits are taken together, they provide the unique set of capabilities that geospatial technology provides.

See the Big Picture


We assess all the elements needed to ensure a successful geospatial implementation to determine:

1. Approach (the key decisions)

  • What will be implemented?
  • What changes will be made?
  • What requires additional investigation?

2. Rationale (the justification)

  • What value is created?
  • Why is the selected approach preferable to alternative options?

Why choose Eagle Technology?

  • Over 45 years’ experience in IT and geospatial technology
  • Premier knowledge of current and emerging ArcGIS technology and the largest pool of ArcGIS experience in New Zealand
  • Extensive insight within the New Zealand geospatial industry landscape
  • Engagement with the worldwide Esri Distributor Community of Practice
  • Unparalleled experience converting strategies into projects and then results
  • Management theory and strategic planning expertise: we align geospatial technology with your organisation’s overarching vision, objectives & goals

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