GIS Training

We are here to support your learning journey, whether you are brand-new to ArcGIS or a seasoned GIS professional wanting to master the latest technology.

Learning is a lifelong journey

Training is a vital component to every successful GIS implementation. Ensure that you protect and enhance your investment by utilising the Eagle Technology training solutions.

Eagle Technology training solutions offer a wide variety of hands-on learning options that focus on building a smart, efficient and skilled workforce that can work across the ArcGIS System.

Introduction to GIS Using ArcGIS

Gain experience working with ArcGIS maps to visualise and explore real-world features; analyse data to answer questions and create new information; and share maps, data, and other resources so they can be easily accessed throughout your organisation.

Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Learn essential ArcGIS Pro terminology and concepts and how to efficiently complete a variety of tasks related to mapping, editing, analysing, and sharing geospatial data and resources.

ArcGIS: Exploring the Possibilities

Explore how organisations use ArcGIS to streamline operations, gain deeper insight from data, and enhance collaboration across business lines.

Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme – Express

The Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme Express (GALoP-X) is a condensed six week programme designed to close the skills gap; developed to quickly bring emerging spatial professionals up to speed with the use and application of the latest geospatial technology. It aims to grow and develop the participant's skills to a level where they can make a significant contribution to their organisation.

"My intention going into GALoP-X was to refresh (older knowledge) of the Esri suite and learn what has changed! Wow what an amazing time I’ve had and I have learnt so much... I feel that I have achieved exactly what I intended to."

Summer 2022 intake: 14 February - 25 March

Instructor-Led Courses

Courses taught by expert Eagle Technology instructors. Classes emphasize best practices, discussion, activities, and hands-on exercises.


All participants attend at an Eagle Technology designated training venue in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.


Participants can attend from their own desk from anywhere around New Zealand or the South Pacific.


Some course participants will attend a course from an Eagle Technology designated training venue in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, while others will be attending virtually.

The COVID19 Protection Framework will impact the face-to-face instructor-led training courses. Eagle Technology is currently working through what this impact will be. Once this is determined we will release that information here. For more information on the COVID19 Protection Framework please refer to the New Zealand Governments official webpages.

Other Types and Formats

Eagle Technology offers you access to a wide variety of other types and formats of training.


Technical GIS related presentations delivered online by Eagle Technology staff members. Get tips and watch real-world software demonstrations.

Web Courses

Interactive, self-paced courses on focused topics that complement instructor led course and webinars.


Focused and / or tailored Instructor-Led training that covers your organisations specific workflows.


High value coaching focused on your specific learning needs delivered by an Eagle Technology instructor at your site.

Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme - Intelligence

The Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme Intelligence (GALoP-i) is a condensed four week programme developed to quickly bring intelligence professionals up to speed with the use and application of the latest geospatial technology. It aims to grow and develop the participant’s skills to a level where they can make significant contributions to the intelligence community.

Learning Pathways

Whether you are determining your own training requirements or looking to determine your organisations training requirements a learning pathway can point you or your organisation in the right direction.  

Custom Learning Pathway

Ask Eagle to work with your organisation to determine a Learning Pathway specific to your needs and requirements.

ArcGIS Pro Fundamentals

Enrol in this plan to get familiar with the user interface, apply commonly used tools, and master the basics of mapping and analysing data using ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Online Fundamentals

Enrol in this plan to understand ArcGIS Online capabilities, publish content to an ArcGIS Online organisational site, create web maps and apps, and review common ArcGIS Online administrative tasks.

Fundamentals of Data Management

Enrol in this plan to build the ArcGIS Platform skills needed to store, organise, update, and disseminate accurate data that supports sound decision-making.

Validate Your expertise

Esri Technical Certifications

Whether you're a GIS professional, an application developer, or an enterprise administrator, achieving an Esri technical certification can help you gain confidence, inspire trust, and stand out from the crowd. 

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