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Eagle Technology training solutions offer a wide variety of hands-on learning options that focus on building a smart, efficient and skilled workforce that can work across the ArcGIS Platform.

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GALoP-X - Now Open for Applications

Following the success of this year's Geospatial Accelerated Learning programme (GALoP), Eagle is excited to announce that we are now taking applications for our new condensed GALoP-X. Starting in February 2019, this is an exciting evolution of the existing GALoP programme designed to condense the key leanings and skills covered in the full GALoP in an intensive 6 week course. The full 3-month GALoP was launched this year in order to help close the skills gap and give participants skills in key technical areas focused on ArcGIS technology combined with understanding how and where GIS fits in to real world scenarios and environments. This includes important areas such as solution architecture, project management, business cases and a greater understanding of the various ways in which geospatial can be applied to problems in the real world.

GALoP-X is taking applications from both organisations and individuals: employers looking to fast-track their staff into highly productive roles, individuals making the transition from education to a GIS career or indeed experienced individuals making a change from another area to a GIS-focused career.

Some of the key benefits include the following:

  • Gaining hands-on technical skills to increase productivity and innovation
  • Building experience with the latest Esri and Esri-related technology
  • Fast-tracking geospatial capability
  • Developing skill sets to undertake a greater variety of work
  • Gaining insights into best practice and how to successfully deliver geospatial projects in-house
  • Equipping attendees with skills to help manage work more effectively and efficiently
  • Investing in either your own or your team's career development
  • Assisting in the promotion of either your organisation or yourself as an employer / employee to be sought out 
  • Growing your or your organisation's geospatial network

The following training will be included in the programme:

Esri Training Courses


Select topics, including 3D Analysis, BIM, Python, Platform Architecture, FME and Imagery Analysis will be covered through speciality workshops.

Learning through doing

Technical training throughout the programme will be followed by opportunities to 'learn through doing' enabling students to cement learning through relevant and practical exercises and challenges.

Industry Exposure

The programme will include guest speakers and site visits to other organisations to showcase the use of innovative Esri technology

Business Skills

Through applying technical skills in a real-world environment during the course of the programme, business analysis skills, project management and presentation skills will be developed, with short blocks offered on key concepts in a geospatial environment.


A two-day hackathon will be held towards the end of the programme to encourage collaboration, foster creativity and improve development skills, and will provide an excellent opportunity to both build on and showcase skills learnt throughout the programme

 For more information on the programme - see

The GALOP-X programme commences on February 18th 2019 for 6 weeks at the Eagle Technology offices in central Wellington while the full 3 month GALoP course is scheduled for mid-2019.

To start GALoPing contact us on


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Esri Technical Certifications

Esri Technical Certifications recognise individuals who are proficient in best practices for using Esri software and aim to create a workforce highly skilled in applying Esri best practices to advance the goals of their organisations.

eLearning resources

All ArcGIS Platform customers, who are in maintenance, now have unlimited access to Esri self-paced eLearning resources including web courses, training seminars and videos. These offerings complement the instructor led and custom courses Eagle Technology offers in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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