Fostering a love of maps

Fostering a love of maps

Author: Sarah MacDonald - Marketing

Fostering a love of maps early may mean that our own Nathan Heazlewood is helping his children to follow in his GIS footsteps. We love that Poppy has won second place in the NZ Schools Map Competition. And she's clearly excited about it herself. Well done Poppy.

Article for School Newsletter by Poppy Heazlewood (Age 8)

In March 2017 some of our school children including my class [Rm 10] and my sister and I entered the NZ Schools Map Competition. I did my map as a disaster map for where there have been fires and cyclones. I traced the outlines of the land and coloured in the sea and the land. I drew a key and other stuff like that for other things that have happened. Abby [my big sister] did different coloured text on a map that had blue text were the sea was and green were the land was. On one exciting Friday I awoke with a quiet voice saying get out of bed, for a second I had no idea what it was about, but then I got a very faint idea. I walked down the hall with my sister dragging behind me. I had a grin on my face. My Dad told me to look at the computer, at first I felt a little disappointed when I saw that Abby came first in 9-12 year old category and I thought that was what it was about, but when I read a bit more I felt like I was going to burst! I came second in the 6-8 year old category!!! Now our maps start all over again in the worldwide competition! They are being sent to Washington in the USA! I wonder when we will get our PRIZES!****

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