GALoP-X 2020 Winter Open for Students

GALoP-X 2020 Winter Open for Students

Register for the New Zealand’s Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme - Express.

The next Geospatial Accelerated Learning Programme (GALoP) programme express starts on 13 July 2020. GALoP-X is a 6 week programme designed to condense the key leanings and skills needed to either kick start or re-invigorate a GIS career. Alongside the hands-on technical skills, the course provides overviews of key areas such as solution architecture, project management, business cases as well as a greater understanding of the various ways in which geospatial can be applied to problems in the real world.

GALoP-X is taking applications from both organisations and individuals:

  • employers looking to fast-track their staff into highly productive roles,
  • individuals making the transition from education to a GIS career; or,
  • experienced individuals making a change from another area to a GIS-focused career.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Gaining hands-on technical skills to increase productivity and innovation 
  • Building experience with the latest Esri and Esri-related technology
  • Fast-tracking geospatial capability
  • Developing skill sets to undertake a greater variety of work
  • Gaining insights into best practice and how to successfully deliver geospatial projects in-house
  • Equipping attendees with skills to help manage work more effectively and efficiently
  • Gaining a competitive edge with training on the latest technology
  • Investing in either your own or your team's career development
  • Assisting in the promotion of either your organisation or yourself as an employer / employee to be sought out
  • Growing your or your organisation's geospatial network

For more information on the programme - see the detailed programme.

The GALOP-X 2020 Winter programme commences on 13 July 2020. This programme will run for six weeks with a minimum requirement to be physically present at Eagle offices in central Wellington the Thursday and Friday of the first week (16-17 July 2020) and the last week of the six week programme (17-21 August 2020).

To start GALoPing contact us on or register here on the programme


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