Hello my Name is Errin!

Hello my Name is Errin!

Hi there - I am intern number 2 (of 3) at Eagle Technology this year and I believe that just like the Godfather Movies the 2nd is the best. Over the past 2 weeks I have been up to a lot of learn, fun and exploring both in GIS industry and in the workplace. So far I may have the makings of an ArcGIS Online expert learning the analysis tools and Earthquakes in Nepal.

I also used ArcGIS Pro for the first time using the 3D features to explore earthquakes and building damage in San Fernando Valley. 3D always captivates the mind, its such a good way to visualize data and get your head around what factors are spatially influencing your subject area.

With NIWA releasing  a new paleo-tsunami database I created by first Story Map aimed at explaining the dangers  that  tsunamis pose to New Zealand but are rarely acted upon. The story maps looks at paleo-tsunami evidence sites around the country and what potential damage could occur in a large tsunami event. The Story map and can viewed here

So far working at Eagle has been fun learning experience with such a good group welcoming me to the team I can’t wait to find what else I get up to and looking forward to seeing you all face to face the at NZEUC!!

Errin Rowan.

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