Join us at NZEUC 2019 (12-14 August SkyCity, Auckland)


Join us at NZEUC 2019 (12-14 August SkyCity, Auckland)

Digital technology is transforming our world at an accelerating pace through rapid innovation and adoption. At the same time Geography, the science of our world, provides both the content and context as well as a Common Reference System. This enables us to see Complexity, Relationships, Patterns and Associations within the countless and diverse sources of data now available to us. 

This powerful combination of Technology and Geography known as GIS, allows us to bring it all together, understand and intelligently respond to both opportunities and challenges that we face at a local, national and global scale.

This is not some abstract idea or future vision in a far-off land.

This is Your Work, in New Zealand, today.

This year at the NZ Esri User Conference, around 600 Managers, Executives and GIS professionals will gather to learn, share and connect on the topic of GIS.

One of the key compoents of the conference is the Monday Plenary session where Esri Director, Jim Higgins will begin with an overview of Esri’s ArcGIS as well as the vision which drives its ongoing development. the team from Eagle and Esri will then focus on sharing some of your own work which showcases the latest capabilities of ArcGIS reflecting the varied applications and domains where it is used in New Zealand:

  • Exploring the latest advances in ArcGIS Online including Smart Mapping and Analysis;
  • Working with the brand-new ArcGIS Story Maps to combine mapping and narrative to tell the story of saving New Zealand’s Unique wildlife;
  • Learning how we can combine Science and GIS through the new Python Notebooks within ArcGIS Enterprise;
  • Working to engage communities and promote biosecurity, including Kauri dieback, around Auckland using ArcGIS Hub;
  • Learning how NZ users are creating stunning maps and visualisations using the next generation of Vector Basemaps and other Living Atlas content;
  • Using ArcGIS Pro to analyse school locations and their accessibility in relation to public transport networks;
  • Analysing and exploring location feeds from e-Scooters in Christchurch;
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence to automatically draw spatial layers from traffic cameras;
  • Using Imagery and Machine Learning to identify critical locations during forest fires;
  • Combining ArcGIS Apps for the Field to automatically support sophisticated field workflows for Emergency Management on the West Coast;
  • Using 3D Cities to visualise and model the impact and costs of sea level rise in Wellington;
  • Showing how NZ Electric and Water utilities are working with the latest Utility Network technology to design and manage their vital network assets;
  • Looking over the Tasman to the City of Melbourne to learn how they are working with ArcGIS Urban to plan and collaborate in 3D.

We're excited to share these stories and much more with you and are looking forward to having you join us at the 2019 NZEUC Plenary.

If you have not already done so then register online here.

The Eagle Technology and Esri teams.

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