LM Viewer 3.x (beta) - Release Info and sneak peek

LocalMaps Viewer 3.x (Experience Builder)

LM Viewer 3.x (beta) - Release Info and sneak peek

2023 is here and very soon, a new, modern, and refreshed LocalMaps Viewer will be too. Here are a few sneak peeks/features of the Viewer which will be available from Feb 9th, 2023.

While we had aimed to release a BETA of the Experience Builder LocalMaps 3.x Viewer in 2022, we realise that many organisations likely would only be looking to get their hands onto the new viewer in the New Year.

Below are a few sneak peeks/features info on the Viewer which will be available from Feb 9th 2023. As we have mentioned in a few coms and presentations around the viewer, we have focused on the most important/well-used components for our first beta release. So, while not ALL features or widgets are in there just yet, rest assured we have ticked off many requests to tide you over while we finish off the remaining widgets and crack into the admin UI for Version 3.1.   

So here we go – some of our fav new features of the Viewer 3.x (Beta).

JSAPI v4 Improvements including:

  • Fast loading – useful for rendering of district plan/property layers
  • Lazy loading – for widget and asset-images
  • Search performance optimization

NEW Draw / Measure (and…cue applause!)

  • Taking inspiration from the Map Viewer Sketch capabilities, the new Draw / Measure has a fresh UI, taking in many enhancements from you all and designed to take you intuitively through annotation workflows.


  • Widget UI Improvements - Across the LocalMaps widgets, we have leveraged a combination of Esri's Calcite Design Language & Esri's Experience Builder team's own UI components to develop a new look and feel in the Layers, Legend, and Print tools.
  • General Usability improvements e.g.Icon highlights for open widgets.

That is just a little taste of the Viewer 3.x Beta – coming to you very soon! Keep an eye out here or on the LocalMaps Community page for more updates and how to get your hands on this next-gen experience.

Nga Mihi,

The Eagle Technology LocalMaps Team

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