NZ Esri Young Scholar Award 2017 - Excellent submissions

NZ Esri Young Scholar Award 2017 - Excellent submissions

We have had some excellent submission for the NZ Esri Young Scholar Award in 2017. Take a peek at some of the submissions, in no particular order.

Evaluating the magnitude and spatial extent of disruptions across interdependent infrastructure - Conrad Zorn

Walking to scale: Utilising ArcGIS to implement a residential scale walkability index in Auckland, New Zealand - Euan Forsyth

A GIS-based risk assessment of coastal archaeological sites in Otago, New Zealand - Greg Hill

Quantifying morphologic changes of a coastal foredune using low-cost remotely piloted aerial system (RPAS) - Julia Moloney

Using a Geodatabase to Assess Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise in Greater South Dunedin - Leigh McKenzie

Potential Forestry Location in the Bay of Plenty - Robyn O'Brien

Lightning Strike Prediction - Protecting Critical Assets - Stephen Ford

The winning submission - to be announced shortly - will see a young scholar flying across the sea (on the trip of a life time) to San Diego to attend the Esri User Conference in 2017

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