What’s New in LocalMaps (March 2017)

What’s New in LocalMaps (March 2017)

Lauren McArtney, GIS Local Government Consultant

In the March update, LocalMaps has greater reporting capabilities, new Save Map and Draw Widgets as well as several bug fixes and enhancements to existing widgets. Later in the year, we will be releasing LocalMaps Version 2.0 -  check out below for more on what to expect!


What is LocalMaps?

LocalMaps is an extensible and easily configurable Web GIS solution designed to support common, simple Local Council workflows and which is complementary to the wider ArcGIS platform. 

Key benefits

  • Easy to administer & configure
  • Configuration Map by Map (rapid deployment of maps)
  • Index LocalMaps Viewers as well as Web App Builder and ArcGIS Online configurable apps in the LocalMaps Gallery
  • Can be deployed as part of a larger implementation
  • Supported by Eagle as part of existing Licence with support for extension from partners
  • Extensible through widgets
  • Extensible through premium partner components

Key features

  • Theme
  • Gallery
  • Focused viewers
  • Administration Tools
  • NEW! Reporting 


New Features and Enhancements


LocalMaps Reporting has a new look! The improved Reporting administration tab allows you to easily view, edit and create advanced reports.

  • Build multi-page reports from a single input feature
  • Include multiple maps and map layouts
  • Add maps, tables and text statements based on a selected feature and linked tables.
  • Move, order and reposition elements in the report
  • Configure buffers and other spatial features
  • Select from predefined templates or upload you own to ArcGIS Server to use.

Save Map

Save edits and selections made to any map with the new Save Widget. Saved maps can then be shared with others through a url. This functionality is currently only available in LocalMaps using Portal for ArcGIS (Coming to ArcGIS Online build in August)

Draw / Measure

These tools have been updated to include more options to edit vertices, move, resize, delete and measure drawn shapes. 


Enhanced Select

Improvements to the Select tool include adding a buffer radius on the map when a selection is made. We have also addressed various bug fixes (see below).

Zoom to point 

Capture co-ordinates using the zoom to point widget rather than using the co-ordinates widget itself.

Secure Web Maps & Logins

Based on the user identity you can now surface maps that are not shared publicly. Now when a user logs in to LocalMaps, any maps that they have access to, and have been tagged with LocalMaps, can be displayed directly in their LocalMaps Gallery. This functionality is currently only available in LocalMaps using Portal for ArcGIS (Coming to ArcGIS Online build in August)


Training and Support

LocalMaps Administration Training - Designed for administrators, this one-day instructor lead workshop teaches how to successfully manage a LocalMaps install in parallel with your ArcGIS Online subscription account and Enterprise GIS installation. For more info visit -  https://eagle.arlo.co/courses/226-localmaps-administrator-training.


Coming later this year..

LocalMaps 2.0 - Built on Web App-builder Version 2.2
Greater mobile functionality
Enhanced communication between widgets with new feature actions
New administration interface
Improved ability to load and configure new widgets
More LocalMaps templates - LocalMaps administrators will be able to select from a series of new layouts for the gallery and the viewer


Get involved!

Does your organisation have a workflow or idea we should bring into LocalMaps? Get involved and have your say!

Please send enhancement requests and suggestions to localmaps@eagle.co.nz

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