Emergency Management Support


GIS has become integral to Emergency Management in New Zealand. Emergency Management organisations use and embed it within their processes to collect, store, analyse and display information for decision-making before, during and after events. Alongside this, many organisations that do not have an Emergency Management focus but who do carry out vital operations (such as utilities, transportation, or agriculture) also use GIS to assist with their planning and work when they are affected by adverse events. In support of this, the team at Eagle Technology has a long history of supporting our customers during emergencies in a variety of ways.

To better streamline this support work, we have introduced a dedicated email contact which is monitored by our specialists within business hours and is designed to assist you in getting specialist GIS support required in an emergency.


Once the email request is received, we triage and allocate our resources and expertise to assist you based on your requirements. This is undertaken on a 'best efforts' basis, but we will do our best to support you when you need it most which can include emergency licencing, technical support, application templates and much more.

Finally, as a resource that can immediately help organisations in their own use of GIS for emergencies, we recommend the new Eagle Technology Emergency GIS Hub.

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