Eagle Technology is working to develop a network of GeoMentors from around New Zealand to support the use of ArcGIS Online in the classroom. Knowledgeable GIS professionals who volunteer as GeoMentors will be able to help teachers to apply ArcGIS Online to the New Zealand school curriculum.

GIS Professionals for Geomentors

Can you help inspire the next generation of GIS Professionals by using your skills to help teachers introduce GIS to a classroom near you?

Inspire Fascination

Help teachers create and deliver engaging and informative lesson plans with GIS, to help children gain the knowledge they need to be successful in their NCEA geography studies.

Using curriculum-aligned lesson plans, from Eagle Technology’s Teaching Materials website, GeoMentors work with teachers to help them use ArcGIS, to confidently deliver their lessons in schools.

Invoke Curiosity

Help teachers invoke curiosity among their pupils by using GIS to analyse our ever-changing world.

Spark Interest

Become a GeoMentor to bring real-life stories of your day-today work with GIS into the classroom and help spark interest in a career with geography.

Map with schools registered for a geomentor:

Geomentors for Teachers

A growing network of GIS Professionals are waiting for you to get in touch. They are ready to help you understand how you can make use of ArcGIS in the classroom to enable your students to better understand the world we live in through ‘The Science of Where’.

To find a registered Geomentor close to you search our online map:

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