GIS in Higher Education

GIS and spatial thinking can improve every aspect of the higher education enterprise—teaching, learning, research, service, and academic administration.

Leading universities and polytechnics prepare students for meaningful careers in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and academia while advancing our understanding of global systems and societies through GIS education.

These institutions also use GIS to provide great learning environments and improve operations. 

Eagle Technology is committed to supporting these institutions and their use of GIS

ArcGIS Online

Your Gateway for Web Mapping – including easy map authoring and sharing, extensive collection of reusable content and spatial analysis in the cloud.

ArcGIS Pro

The future of Desktop GIS – modern, high performing technology with an intuitive user interface enabling cartography and advanced analytics.

ArcGIS Enterprise

Next Generation GIS Server – an Enterprise GIS portal adding big data and imagery capabilities to the ArcGIS Platform. Technology graduates need to know.

Education Licensing

Esri offers special licensing terms and pricing to qualified educational institutions and individuals for use in learning, scholarly research, and the administration of these institutions. 

Research Insight

ArcGIS supports interactive visualisation, spatial analysis, and big data insights to advance knowledge across the spectrum of academic disciplines.

Learn ArcGIS Technology

Keeping up with evolving technology is a challenge. Esri and Eagle Technology offer a variety of self-study and instructor-led resources for educators and others who need to stay current with ArcGIS or see Eagle GIS Training options.

Learn ArcGIS

Guided lessons based on real-world problems

Esri Academy

Interactive, self-paced courses on focused topics.

Eagle Training

Courses taught by expert instructors and webinars presented by Eagle staff members.

Esri Press books

Texts on GIS, cartography, and the application of spatial analysis available in electronic format or hard copy.

Esri Education Blog

Keep abreast with the latest Esri information in the higher education space.

Spatial Data Science

Learn how to incorporate spatial analysis into your Higher Education data science curriculum

Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac

Read about how the Esri Education Team have tackled running ArcGIS Pro on a Mac

ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

Connect to the Esri blog that steps you through how ArcGIS Pro can be used on a Mac

Education Institution IT Support

Resources and best practices for GIS IT support services

Live by the Code

Code ArcGIS with JavaScript, Python, and Arcade. 

Code with ArcGIS

Learn how to build an app in 15 minutes. ArcGIS DevLabs guide you through the three phases of building geospatial apps: Data, Design, Develop.

Teach with ArcGIS Notebooks

Learn how to use ArcGIS Notebooks as a teaching tool, from delivering class assignments to presenting analysis as a slideshow.

Institution Property Manager

ArcGIS can be used by Education Institution Property Managers to manage utilities, facilities and health and safety on their campus in smarter ways.

New Zealand Universities and Polytechnics

GIS specific qualifications and / or GIS papers are available at all New Zealand Universities and many New Zealand Polytechnics.

For more information please visit the following website

Auckland University of Technology -

Lincoln University -

Massey University -

NorthTec -

Southern Institute of Technology -

Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology -


University of Auckland -

University of Canterbury -

University of Otago -

University of Waikato -

Victoria University of Wellington

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