NZ LiDAR Competition

The NZ LiDAR Competition is an opportunity to showcase and share how you are using LiDAR data for New Zealand

With the NZ National Elevation Programme providing more freely available LiDAR data for NZ we want to hear about the great and innovative ways in which you are using this treasure trove of data along with ArcGIS to solve issues of all kinds, all scales, and across all of New Zealand. 

Tell us about your work based upon the newly available LiDAR data as well as derived data sources such as Eagle Technology's Elevation WebService which incorporates this data. 

We believe that this data, when combined with tools such as ArcGIS Pro, 3D scenes, and Deep learning workflows, will open up opportunities for almost every sector in the country and with your permission we will share your stories with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), helping to show others what's possible as well as helping reinforce the business case for future investments of this kind. 

As a source of inspiration, take a look at the following StoryMap, created by our Summer student Mia Horton, A Guide for using LiDAR and Elevation data in ArcGIS. 

One story will be chosen to depict innovation in addressing a real-world issue for New Zealand. This will be showcased on our website as an example for our community,  and in recognition of your work, we will host you and your team on Eagle Magic for a day's private charter!

Haven't created a StoryMap before? It's easy and can be a lot of fun - see how you do it here

So, how do you submit your story? 

Create a StoryMap to tell us:

  • How you are using ArcGIS + NZ LiDAR together (LiDAR from the NZ Elevation Programme or derived products)
  • What problems are you solving? How are you making a difference for those outside of the GIS industry? How are you doing things more efficiently or effectively? 
  • What kinds of innovations are you making (big and small)? 

Send your submission to:
Deadline for entries: March 18th, 2022 (extended from February 8th, 2022) 
Judging Period: March 21-26, 2022

Winners will be announced in April (further details to follow).

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