Disaster Recovery Planning

Cost Appropriate Disaster Recovery Capability Tailored for your Organisation

If you are in doubt about what and how to invest in a Disaster Recovery capability you’re not on your own. Most organisations are aware they should do something but many aren’t sure exactly what that is, nor how much they should invest. And that’s understandable. The vendor solutions available focus on their own products, but only by focusing on a business’s issues and risk profile can a cost justifiable design and plan can be determined.

Eagle’s Disaster Recovery Consulting Service removes the DR road block by offering a lightweight framework with a DR capability to match what your organisation actually needs. Our pragmatic approach includes:

  • Fit for purpose consulting - it’s not a heavy-weight BCP planning exercise. Rather, it provides sufficient depth to obtain the benefits of adhering to a formal model without undue expense.
  • Fit for purpose solutions - there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for DR. What’s right for you depends on your business and circumstances - your existing and intended IT platforms, your attitude to risk and willingness to invest. With no vested interest in promoting a particular DR infrastructure or service, we focus on what’s best for you and not what best suits our own ‘bag of tricks’.
  • A business focus - centred on supporting the business services that are important to your organisation. Technology considerations are secondary. Focussing on service availability rather than entire environment availability makes for a cost-effective pragmatic outcome.
  • Business impact analysis by those who know - with our approach your business managers can’t duck getting involved and your IT personnel can’t dominate. It’s the business managers who can best assess the criticality of IT supported business processes and evaluate the consequence of data loss and downtime. Only with their input will your investment analysis be valid.
  • Best practice methodology - it's fine to design and implement a DR platform but if it is not well maintained in a constant state of readiness then the exercise is fruitless and your sense of security is false. The use of ITIL® service based methodology (IT Service Continuity Management) and documentation means the DR plan can be maintained and be ready to go despite your business evolving over time.


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