Technical Architecture Planning

Align your IT architecture and services with actual business requirements

Strategic Cloud Centric Architecture Planning

To support the overall IT and business strategy, we audit your existing infrastructure, analyse risk, and provide recommendations for an integrated technical architecture solution to support business growth.

We work with you to understand your business and your key issues, then set the planning scope appropriately – tailored to your needs. We understand that your business is unique, and creates solutions based on your priorities. The result is a practical, plain English, cost effective and tailored Technical Architecture Plan targeted to your desired outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Provides end to end visibility and analysis of the current IT function, documenting issues and recommending solutions that can be easily understood by non-technical decision makers to provide clarity on the current “state of play”. This enables informed decision making by management.
  • Provides a focus, common framework, and clarity of guidance for technical projects, driving towards a common vision.
  • Provides a clear yardstick when asking “Is this consistent with our Technical Architecture Plan? Does it target any of the stated needs from our clients?”
  • Provides realistic project frameworks for more accurate forecasting of IT related costs.
  • Promotes a collaborative “best practice” approach.
  • Provides a good balance between IT strategic planning and formal enterprise architecture processes.
  • Promotes informed decision making by management – decisions made with confidence by an understanding of future Technical Architecture.
  • Promotes/embeds greater flexibility and scalability to help you adapt to changing requirements, take advantage of technological opportunities and collaborate with partners (contractors and business partners).
  • Provides the basis for future decision making over the defined strategy period.
  • Provides the medium to capture feedback and broad requirements from the organisation and ensure they are reflected in any proposed technical strategy. Business engagement.
  • Fosters improved satisfaction from internal IT customers by making them part of the planning process and delivering tangible improvements and action.

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