IT Strategy Development

Realise your business goals with an effective IT strategy

Integrated, Actionable IT Strategy

We believe that an IT Strategy should focus on a practical, robust framework and long term guidance for the IT planning process.


  • We recognise that New Zealand organisations are generally smaller and more agile than those overseas where many IT Strategy templates in use by “theory only” consulting organisations have been developed for much larger organisations. We are committed to providing value for money by delivering practical strategy documents delivering real benefits and insightful guidance to New Zealand organisations.
  • As a “hands on” systems integration organisation, we deal directly with most major vendors of IT technology and implement combined solutions as a matter of course. We know what works, what doesn’t and what aspects of the vendor brochure is more based on hype, rather than proven performance. We emoly this practical experience throughout all of our planning engagements to the significant benefit of our clients.

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