Presentations 2019

The presentations below are published with the permission of the authors. Not all presenters were able to give permission to have their presentations available on this website.

Alanna Nelson - Integrating Operational data into Esri

Andrew Ferrrel, Bjorn Johns, and Charlotte Dawson - An update from the Topography Group from LINZ

Andrew Hansford - Engagements of a different kind - Geospatial RoadMap & Maturity

Ann De Schutter - The power of imagery & drones on a sub-Antarctic island

Bronwyn Rodgers - Asset Management (Natural and Built) in a Rural Landscape

Bruce Robinson - How good is your z-component... Really?

David Herries - Integrating Field Apps, Operations Dashboards and Webhooks into Organisational Workflows

Debbie Care - Use of GIS and drones in Farm Environment Plan delivery

Deborah Burgess and Andrew Manderson - Fuzzy logic mapping of high and low producing grassland

Derek Phyn and Kate Waterhouse - NZGIS4EM: Making GIS and its practitioners integral to emergency management

Elaine McAlister - Are women better placed?

Evgenia Bazhenova - Using ArcGIS Online to visualize results of sea floor mapping

Evgenia Bazhenova, Kevin Mackay, and Tilmann Steinmetz - Using the Esri Bathymetry Information System in Seabed 2030

Glenn Aguilar - Drone acquired imagery for a GIS supporting ecological restoration

Hayley Hume-Merry - Planning to Impress: Using Web GIS in a Planning Context

James Sturman - A Regenerating River: Digital Tools For Innovative Public Engagement

Karl Majorhazi - Spatially disaggregating statistical data

Katie Milne - Helicopter Boarding Pass - Survey123 for safety in the field

Kilmeny Stephens and Peter Inwood - Burning the Tree at Both Ends - Pigeon Valley Fire

Liam Koedyk and Ashleigh Ross - Diverse Spatial Solutions

Lidia van Kruiningen - Gaining Insights From Historic Imagery

Logan Ashmore - Subdivision Susceptibility: Modelling Change in the Rural-Urban Interface

Patrick de Jong - Experiences as a FENZ GIS-Analyst at the Pigeon Valley Fire

Phil Woods - Esri and Machine Learning

Robyn Crisford - ArcGIS Online as a cross organisational GIS solution

Rory McPherson - Automating beforeUdig requests using ArcGIS Pro, Python, and FME

Shaun Rothery - Supporting and Managing Housing Development Growth with GIS

Stephen Usmar - Implementing Workforce for ArcGIS at Spark New Zealand

Steve Campbell - YSAR - Early adopters of innovative technology in SAR/ EM

Steve Ford and Dale Harris - Mega maps for safer journeys

Tim White - Automating cadastre updates using Python and the LINZ Data Service

Tony Batistich - Remuera: From maps into Story Maps, an online community resource

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